Article by M6ALR on Apr 19 2012 at 17:04

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M0TYM activation - 19/04/2012

I have no tips to add to those given by G3CWI & M_1&3_EYP except ... If driving from the Wolverhampton direction, then I recommend using the A449 to grid ref. SO857809 and then turn left along the yellow roads straight to the car park at SO943802. (This avoids the urban centres of the W Midlands towns). I went on a showery day so good views with no one around and no wind. I took a beach tent to protect the radio equipment & give my daughter some shelter but she was much happier playing in the rain and puddles !!! (see my photostream link). I can definitely recommend these two pole, monodome beach tents for protection against moderate, wet weather. They are very quick to errect and dismantle and effective against heavy showers. Not recommended though for the 50mph winds which M0YDH & I encountered on Aran Fawddwy (G/NW-007) !!! I had 14 QSO\'s on 2m FM with a simple, vertical dipole (SOTAbeams) and Yaesu FT-817. Many familar callsigns filled my log but I had several QSO\'s with new stations which was great. Thank you to all the chasers. 73 Alastair Hopkins, M0TYM