Article by M3ZCB on Oct 05 2008 at 16:10

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M3ZCB/M1MAJ activation notes

We parked at Muirshiel Country Park Visitor Centre, and walked in appalling rain, so did not see the best of the hill! We walked along the old mine track to the old mines - about 4km of easy walking. One of the ruined mine buildings has a green door behind which was a room with benches and a table where we took shelter from the rain. We then headed up a faint path southwards on the west side of the stream. The path disappeared and we picked our way southwards over a flattish boggy area in poor visibility, eventually finding our way to the summit, with trig point and small cairn. There is a good VHF take off to the central lowlands which was all we had time for! On the return we headed to the east of the stream, walking down one of the old mine inclines until it stopped abruptly where the stream had washed it away: with the stream in spate we could not cross it so continued along the east of the stream until it crossed the mine road.