Article by k3jzd on Dec 06 2016 at 15:12

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K3JZD Access Notes

As Google Maps will show, this is an easy drive-up summit with a paved access road and parking area. And it is a popular tourist destination whenever the weather is pleasant. Whenever I was there, it was early in December. Cloudy, windy, 37 degrees F, and no tourists. No shortage of trees if you like to tie your antenna to trees. I use a pole. I setup adjacent to the paved circular walkway that goes around the summit marker.

Anyone planning on doing a winter activation, be advised that there is a “No Winter Maintenance” sign on S Rock Road. So, if there is active snow, or there has been recent snow in the area, this entrance road will not be plowed or salted. You may not be able to safely drive any further than to the entrance of S Rock Road.

No real view unless you take the time to climb up the observation tower.  Good ATT cell phone signal.

Jody – K3JZD