Article by KE5AKL on Apr 10 2014 at 20:04

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Another route

Exit I-25 at Glorieta, drive westerly into the little town of Glorieta and continue to the railroad tracks. Drive west on the railroad service road that runs along the right (N) side of the tracks as it follows the tracks W then SW. After about a half mile you\'ll reach RR signals marked W. Glorieta at ~ N35.579, W105.778. Park here, walk SE across the tracks then up the embankment to find an easy passage through a wire fence. Bushwhack southeasterly about a half mile and 600 vertical feet up sometimes steep but reasonably open slopes straight to the SOTA high point. It\'s best to crest the mesa a bit to the W (right) of the high point. According to my maps both the parking spot and the route to the top are on USFS land. However, the parking spot is almost certainly in the RR easement. Last time I was there I passed a RR guy working on signal boxes as I drove down the service road and he waved back when I waved to him. After the activation I found two RR service trucks parked near my vehicle but they seemed to have no problem with me being there.