Article by K6TW on Jan 15 2013 at 19:01

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How to get there and where to park

It\\\'s easy. If heading east on the 2 highway, just look for the sign that says \\\"Snowcrest\\\". It\\\'s about 2-3 miles after Buckhorn Campground. There\\\'s a deep pull out off to the left (north) side of the road for parking. From the street, you should be able to look slightly uphill and see an old building that was the bottom of the ski lifts. It\\\'s about 100 feet in and 25 feet up from the road. Total trip to the ridge is less than a mile and only 700\' elevation gain. This is one of my new favorite peaks to activate due to steep dropoffs on three sides (good for a dipole), the views, and the availability of dipole supports (trees).