Article by na6mg on Nov 14 2017 at 21:11

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Lower Lytle Creek Ridge

I expected this to be a long hike up a locked gate service road. Not the case. From Lytle Creek Road take the service road at 34.233487, 117.474759 that's open only to street legal vehicles, according to a sign at it's beginning, all the way to the summit. The drive is on a narrow and winding good road for high clearance 4x2 vehicles. Lots of area at the summit to pick an operating position well away from your vehicle. If you choose to hike from Lytle Creek Road, the distance is 4 miles with just over 1600 feet of gain. Plenty of shrubs at the summit to support a mast and long wire antenna. An alternate route to the summit is via the service road at 34.22392, 117.46580. The alt route is also 4 miles yet could be more confusing to drive given the several options for making a wrong turn.