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Date Summit Description Submitted By
18th Jan W8M/UP-043 Nothing Significant NK8Q
18th Jan W8M/UP-042 Short Tower NK8Q
18th Jan W8M/UP-057 Nice Tower NK8Q
16th Jan W6/NC-407 Richardson East Benchmark on a Foggy Day AA0BV
16th Jan W4T/SU-104 Winter Activation of Rich Mountain W2SWA
16th Jan W6/CT-019 Activation Trail Report & Video 12-29-17 KG6HQD
15th Jan W6/NC-151 A bobcat and me! AA0BV
15th Jan W7M/CL-112 Nice summit - short hike with good access AE7AP
15th Jan W6/NC-399 1/14 Activation KB1KXL
15th Jan W0C/FR-087 A few more tips. KE0JWQ
15th Jan w7o/nc-005 Triangulation Point, Oregon - from pnwsota K7ATN
15th Jan W6/NC-288 1/13 Activation. Pleasant hike up. KB1KXL
14th Jan VP8/EF-001 Mount Usbourne. East Falkland VP8/EF-001. MM0YCJ
14th Jan JA/YM-001 The greatest backcountry skiing field in JA7 area(3.May2015) JI1TLL
14th Jan F/AB-258 My 1st SOTA trial in Europe results in no QSO on 2m(4.Sep.2017). JI1TLL
14th Jan W0D/NW-034 White Mansion access K0DAJ
14th Jan W7M/CL-093 Good early season on-trail hike AE7AP
14th Jan W7O/NC-027 Wolf Point, Oregon K7EEX
13th Jan W7W/KG-030 Wrong Map Link KI7RZB
13th Jan W7W/KG-021 Wrong Maps KI7RZB
12th Jan VK4/SE-035 Owners VK4TJ
12th Jan JA/AM-003 The famous backpacking skiing area in northern Japan JI1TLL
12th Jan JA/AM-001 Downhill skiing from the summit after activation JI1TLL
12th Jan JA/AM-001 Approaching Mt.Iwaki from Hirosaki Castle under cherry blossoms JI1TLL
12th Jan EA8/TF-017 Restricted access AI4SV
12th Jan EA8/TF-007 Park just of TF-82, about 1km walk up AI4SV
12th Jan OE/NO-123 Hoher Lindkogel on Google Map is not summit AI4SV
12th Jan OE/NO-149 Walk up; restaurant at top. AI4SV
12th Jan TF/SL-211 Access W1DMH
12th Jan ZL3/CB-536 Blog entry for Trig M activation ZL3CC
11th Jan DL/MF-056 Winter activation on skis (Rotwand Reib'n) DK3IT
11th Jan DL/MF-057 Winter activation on skis (Rotwand Reib'n) DK3IT
11th Jan DL/MF-058 Winter activation on skis (Rotwand Reib'n) DK3IT
10th Jan W6/NC-035 Early morning activation KE6MT
10th Jan W7O/NC-018 Cedar Butte, Oregon K7EEX
10th Jan W7M/BE-009 Scramble a West Bighole Highpoint K7VK
9th Jan W7A/PW-080 Overlooking Organ Pipe Cactus Campground: A Nearby Summit K7VK
9th Jan W7A/PW-098 Small summit between Senita Basin and the National Park Service Campground K7VK
9th Jan W7A/PW-097 Small summit off Ajo Mtn Loop Road, cholla & loose volcanic rock K7VK
9th Jan VE6/JF-086 Access information and GPS track. VE6IXD
9th Jan W9/WI-001 Winter access tips K9IR
9th Jan W9/WI-003 Winter access tips K9IR
9th Jan W6/CT-106 Boulder Hopping Video Trail Report KG6HQD
8th Jan W7I/IC-012 Scenic Hike to Beautiful Lookout Location K7VK
8th Jan W7I/IC-077 Old Lookout. Easy Hike or a Very Rough 4x4 Road K7VK
8th Jan W6/CT-274 5 Jan 2018 Activation KB9ENS
8th Jan W7I/IC-072 Along the Magruder Corridor - 100 plus miles of Wilderness K7VK
8th Jan W6/NC-402 1/6 Activation KB1KXL
8th Jan W6/NC-118 1/6 Activation KB1KXL
8th Jan VK4/SE-059 Best activation site. VK4JAZ