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Date Summit Description Submitted By
25th Mar W4G/NG-075 Summit guide KK4OSG
25th Mar DL/AL-179 Activation on Friday 24th. March 2017 DD5LP
25th Mar DL/AL-169 Activation Friday 24th. March 2017. DD5LP
25th Mar W2/GA-157 Summit Part of a Park - Trail Map N3TWM
25th Mar W0C/PR-097 KD0YOB 2016 notes on Dirt Benchmark KD0YOB
25th Mar W0C/MZ-014 KD0YOB 2016 notes on Green Ridge Benchmark KD0YOB
25th Mar W4G/NG-075 Photos KK4OSG
25th Mar W4G/NG-064 Photos KK4OSG
24th Mar 9A/GH-020 9A/S56LXN activation S56LXN
24th Mar 9A/PH-032 9A/S56LXN/p activation S56LXN
23rd Mar W7U/WS-038 Tucked away AC0PR
23rd Mar W0C/PR-083 KD0YOB 2016 notes on Haystack KD0YOB
23rd Mar W0C/PR-108 KD0YOB 2016 notes on Gould Mountain KD0YOB
23rd Mar W0C/MZ-013 KD0YOB 2016 notes on Walton Peak KD0YOB
22nd Mar W7N/CK-227 Lone Mountain Park trails KD5ZZK
21st Mar W0C/PR-011 KD0YOB 2016 notes on Hahns Peak KD0YOB
21st Mar W9/WI-028 KD0YOB 2017 notes on Bruce Mound KD0YOB
21st Mar W4C/US-015 GPS Track KI4SVM
21st Mar W4C/US-015 Access and Trail Info KI4SVM
20th Mar W4C/US-013 GPS Track KI4SVM
20th Mar W4C/US-013 Access and Trail Info KI4SVM
20th Mar W4G/NG-003 GPS Track KI4SVM
20th Mar W4C/CM-154 GPS Track KI4SVM
20th Mar W6/NC-191 3/19 Activation KB1KXL
20th Mar W6/NC-423 3-18 Activation KB1KXL
20th Mar W6/CC-072 3/18 activation KB1KXL
20th Mar W7Y/SW-011 KD0YOB 2016 notes on Vulcan Mountain KD0YOB
20th Mar W4G/NG-016 Summit guide KK4OSG
20th Mar DM/BW-085 Bahn/Bus - Konstanz to Hohenstoffeln AA3II
19th Mar ZL1/NL-076 Mount Parihaka M0HCU
19th Mar ZL1/NL-079 Kauri Mountain from the North M0HCU
19th Mar ZL1/AK-016 Rangitoto Island M0HCU
19th Mar W6/SC-458 Jack's Peak Park info... W6PZA
19th Mar W6/SC-458 It's really Jack's Peak - easy activation, nice area W6PZA
18th Mar F/AM-593 Topo for F/AM-593 F6HBI
18th Mar W7Y/SW-112 KD0YOB 2016 notes on Fletcher Peak KD0YOB
18th Mar W7Y/SW-113 KD0YOB 2016 notes on Elkhorn Point KD0YOB
18th Mar W7U/WS-010 A little of everything AC0PR
17th Mar FL/NO-133 Summit info ON7DQ
17th Mar FL/NO-026 Summit info ON7DQ
17th Mar FL/NO-144 Summit info ON7DQ
17th Mar FL/NO-144 More info on the TDF transmitting tower and the frequencies and powers used ON7DQ
17th Mar FL/NO-143 Summit info ON7DQ
17th Mar FL/NO-141 Summit info ON7DQ
17th Mar W9/WI-006 Access to 1865 and options K9IR
17th Mar W7U/WS-120 Popular biking area AC0PR
17th Mar W7U/WS-056 Enjoyable hike AC0PR
16th Mar DM/BW-484 Activation of Bussen 15th. March 2017 DD5LP
16th Mar W9/WI-008 Another access method K9IR
15th Mar ON/ON-006 My first SOTA activation ON5REV