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Date Summit Description Submitted By
23rd Oct W4V/SH-013 Parking, TH, and other details N3II
23rd Oct W4G/NG-072 Summit Access WG4I
23rd Oct W4G/NG-069 Summit Access WG4I
23rd Oct W0C/RP-118 Flickr Album of October 22, 2017 activation! KE0HNW
23rd Oct W0D/BB-071 KT0A Photos KT0A
23rd Oct W0D/BB-071 KT0A Access Description KT0A
23rd Oct W4V/WV-005 Update to Access KI4TN
23rd Oct W8M/LP-001 Nice, quiet park for an activation, but electrical noise is appalling. N9XG
22nd Oct W6/NC-190 10/21 Activation. Lots of noise on the peak. KB1KXL
22nd Oct OE/ST-556 how to reach the summit OE5FSM
22nd Oct DL/AL-081 activation DL4MHA , DJ2FR in 2017 DJ2FR
22nd Oct HB/ZH-004 Activation 21 October 2017 HB9GKP
22nd Oct DL/AM-001 Activation on 21st. October 2017 for VK-ZL > EU S2S event. DD5LP
21st Oct W2/GC-010 Good Verizon 3G reception at summit N1EU
21st Oct VE7/GV-004 Activation of Mt. Bishop: 2016 SOTA Cycling Weekend VA7JBE
21st Oct W7I/CI-077 10/19 Activation KB1KXL
21st Oct W3/PW-020 K3JZD Access Notes K3JZD
21st Oct W1/HA-033 AC1Z 10-20-17 AC1Z
21st Oct JA8/IS-028 Moiwayama JA8/IS-028 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA8/OM-066 Hakodateyama JA8/OM-066 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA8/OM-038 Kijihikiyama JA8/OM-038 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/FS-172 Shinobuyama JA/FS-172 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/NI-044 Kimpokusan JA/NI-044 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/MG-088 Taihakusan JA/MG-088 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/MG-059 Kayagasakiyama JA/MG-059 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/MG-065 Gongenmori JA/MG-065 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA6/FO-054 Ishimineyama JA6/FO-054 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA6/FO-026 Adachiyama JA6/FO-026 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/HG-029 Rokkosan JA/HG-029 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/HG-243 Ooiwagatake JA/HG-243 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/CB-006 Nokogiriyama JA/CB-006 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-003 Oomuroyama JA/KN-003 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-022 Shiroyama JA/KN-022 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-005 Komotsurushiyama JA/KN-005 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-016 Yaguradake JA/KN-016 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-002 Hinokiboramaru JA/KN-002 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-006 Ooyama JA/KN-006 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-017 Bukkasan JA/KN-017 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-015 Furouzan JA/KN-015 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-007 Kintokiyama JA/KN-007 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-022 Shiroyama JA/KN-022 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-020 Higashiyama JA/KN-020 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-018 Sekirouzan JA/KN-018 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-023 Fukouyama JA/KN-023 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-010 Mikuniyama JA/KN-010 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-013 Kayamaru JA/KN-013 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-006 Ooyama JA/KN-006 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-025 Isezawanoatama JA/KN-025 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-008 Ameyama JA/KN-008 JH0CJH
21st Oct JA/KN-033 Oogusuyama JA/KN-033 JH0CJH