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Date Summit Description Submitted By
23rd Aug W6/NC-054 Summitpost page stating summit is on private land and giving route details KE6MT
22nd Aug W6/NC-082 Obtaining permission at Geyser Peak. AA0BV
22nd Aug W6/NC-318 Looks like will become legally accessible at some point KE6MT
22nd Aug W5N/OT-014 Updated Directions AC7P
22nd Aug GW/NW-069 Parking at South Stack G4TGJ
22nd Aug VK4/NH-129 Walking Track from Nelly Bay VK2YK
22nd Aug W2/WE-050 Parking AA3II
22nd Aug W1/MB-001 Parking Possibilities AA3II
21st Aug W6/NC-430 8/19 Activation KB1KXL
21st Aug W6/NC-354 8/19 Activation KB1KXL
21st Aug W6/NC-353 8/19 Activation KB1KXL
21st Aug W6/SS-467 Bodfish NA6MG
21st Aug W6/SN-043 Squirrel Mountain Valley NA6MG
21st Aug W6/SS-375 Alta Sierra PT-7140 NA6MG
20th Aug EA6/MA-007 Puig de Alfabia 2017 by EA6AIF y EA6KB EA6AIF
20th Aug W4T/SU-076 Activation Notes K0NR
19th Aug W6/ND-323 activation 29 June 2017 N6JZT
19th Aug W6/ND-334 activation 29 June 2017 N6JZT
19th Aug W6/ND-311 activation 29 July 2017 N6JZT
19th Aug W6/ND-270 Activation 29 July 2017 N6JZT
19th Aug W6/SD-463 Activation 18 August 2017 N6JZT
19th Aug DL/AL-149 Activation on 13th. August 2017 DD5LP
18th Aug W6/ND-392 Can drive most of way to peak.....I hiked it W6PNG
18th Aug W7U/GA-017 Right off highway 143 AC0PR
18th Aug W6/SS-284 Straight up and no trail! W6PNG
18th Aug W7U/IR-005 Grassy hike almost all the way AC0PR
18th Aug HB/BE-087 Activation 17 August 2017 HB9GKP
17th Aug W1/HA-092 PT 4025 Owls Head, NH AC1Z
17th Aug ZL1/WL-093 ZL2ATH blog - ZL1/MW-093 ZL2ATH
17th Aug W3/PW-030 Drive-up and Trail Access N3TWM
16th Aug 9A/GH-005 Some hints for the activation DL4MHA
16th Aug EA6/MA-003 EA6EE & EA6AIF Tossals Verds 118m EA6AIF
16th Aug W7O/nc-053 Boiler Ridge, OR - Closed to Entry K7ATN
16th Aug W7O/nc-028 Humbug Mountain, OR | August 2017 - Closed K7ATN
16th Aug W7O/nc-112 Peak 1804, OR | August 2017 from pnwsota K7ATN
15th Aug G/LD-059 G4OBK visits the "new" Muncaster Fell location - April 2017 G4OBK
15th Aug GW/NW-013 Carnedd Llewelyn & Pen Llithrig y Wrach - GW4OBK July 2017 G4OBK
15th Aug GW/NW-002 Carnedd Llewelyn and Pen Llithrig y Wrach - GW4OBK July 2017 G4OBK
15th Aug HB/VS-118 Two cable car summits very close together HB9DST
15th Aug HB/VS-240 Two easy cable car summits close together HB9DST
15th Aug W7Y/SW-017 KD0YOB notes on Rock Creek Ridge KD0YOB
15th Aug W9/WI-031 Low-Key Operating Position WC6J
14th Aug ZL1/MW-003 ZL2ATH blog - ZL1/MW-003 ZL2ATH
13th Aug EA6/MA-034 EA6AIF and company EA6KB EA6AIF
13th Aug ZL1/WL-138 ZL2ATH blog - ZL1/WL-138 ZL2ATH
13th Aug ZL1/WL-054 ZL2ATH blog - ZL1/WL-054 ZL2ATH
13th Aug ZL1/WL-045 ZL2ATH blog - ZL1/WL-045 ZL2ATH
13th Aug ZL1/WL-153 ZL2ATH blog - ZL1/WL-153 ZL2ATH
13th Aug ZL1/WK-176 ZL2AJ Blog Entry ZL2AJ
13th Aug W5O/WI-007 Nice Summit, A Few Cautions AC7P