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Date Summit Description Submitted By
6th Dec W7A/AW-018 Window Rock Peak - A Tough Hike and Fun Activation KR7RK
6th Dec W3/PT-001 K3JZD Access Notes K3JZD
6th Dec EA8/GC-027 Accessability ??? OE5EEP
6th Dec W7O/CE-074 NS7P activation of Hampton Butte, W7O/CE-074, on August 25, 2016 - from pnwsota K7ATN
6th Dec W7O/CE-074 Short Note on Hampton Butte - from pnwsota K7ATN
5th Dec W0D/BB-001 Add W0D/BB-030 for a 2 bagger KT0A
5th Dec W7U/WS-087 Rough road, plan ahead for the top AC0PR
5th Dec W0D/BB-001 KT0A Photos KT0A
5th Dec W5A/CS-007 Huricane Knob Info KJ5FA
4th Dec W7U/JU-034 Access directions to W7U/JU-034 Champlin Peak K7ODX
4th Dec W7U/JU-042 Access directions to W7U/JU-042 Long Ridge K7ODX
4th Dec W7U/JU-027 Access directions to W7U/JU-027 Buckhorn Mountain K7ODX
4th Dec W7U/JU-032 Access directions for W7U/JU-032 K7ODX
4th Dec W4G/NG-009 Summit guide KK4OSG
4th Dec W3/SV-032 Access N2GBR
4th Dec W3/SV-005 Access N2GBR
4th Dec W3/SV-004 Access N2GBR
4th Dec W7W/CH-040 First SOTA Activation: Pyramid Mountain - Chelan County, Washington - July 23-25, 2016 - Part 4 of 4 K7MAS
4th Dec W3/PO-032 Access forbidden SQ6GIT
3rd Dec W6/SD-083 Maybe restricted area! K6YOA
3rd Dec W6/SD-037 Incredible views from summit K6YOA
3rd Dec W6/SD-453 Not as easy as it looks K6YOA
3rd Dec W6/SD-030 Short but strenuous scramble up mountain K6YOA
3rd Dec W6/SD-267 Copper Mountain - basically a drive-up K6YOA
2nd Dec W7O/CC-136 Dec 1, 2016 activation of "Peak 1094" by NS7P (PNWSOTA) NS7P
2nd Dec W7O/CC-018 Failed activation of Green Peak on Dec 1, 2016 by NS7P NS7P
2nd Dec W7O/CC-087 A failed activation of "Peak 3060" on Dec 1, 2016 by NS7P NS7P
1st Dec W7O/CN-050 Multorpor Mountain, OR | February 2012 - from pnwsota K7ATN
30th Nov W7O/CC-012 Nov 19, 2016 activation of Roman Nose, OR by NS7P (PNWSOTA) NS7P
30th Nov W7O/CC-111 Nov 29, 2016 activation of Peak 1685, Lane Co., OR by NS7P (PNWSOTA) NS7P
30th Nov VK1/AC-042 VK1AD blog entry 16 Nov 16 - SOTA Milestone 10,000 QSOs VK1AD
28th Nov W4C/CM-117 Summit Access K2JB
27th Nov W6/NC-378 approx 5mi, 2 1/2hr hike. no fees. no dogs. KK6ZLY
27th Nov W6/SC-369 Magic happens....S2S with Australia W6PNG
27th Nov W7O/NC-050 Buzzard Butte, OR | August 2016 (pnwSOTA) AF7MD
27th Nov W7U/SU-019 Access directions to Monroe Peak K7ODX
26th Nov W6/CT-095 Activation 25 Nov 2016 N6JZT
26th Nov W6/NS-357 Activation Report: SOTA W6/NS-357 KK6ZLX
26th Nov W7U/IR-052 Simple enough, no trail AC0PR
24th Nov W7A/NM-134 Long way in, but nice views, good one for a mountain bike AC0PR
23rd Nov W7O/CC-034 Activation of Klickitat Mountain on Nov 17, 2016 by NS7P NS7P
23rd Nov W7O/CC-034 Activation of Cummins Mountain by N7CNH NS7P
23rd Nov W7O/WV-070 Failed activation of Bear Mountain, OR on Nov 21, 2016 by NS7P from (PNWSota) NS7P
22nd Nov VK2/HU-093 Access details for those with mobility difficulties DD5LP
22nd Nov DL/AM-001 Access details for those with mobility difficulties DD5LP
22nd Nov DM/BW-064 Access details for those with mobility difficulties DD5LP
22nd Nov DM/BW-064 Activation of Heersberg 19/11/2016 for EU-NA S2S event DD5LP
22nd Nov W6/NC-496 KK6ZLY 11/21/16 trip report (with video) KK6ZLY
22nd Nov W7A/PN-125 Amateur Radio in the Great Southwest - QSO's, Cactus, and Shotguns KR7RK
21st Nov W2/NJ-001 Cell coverage and other observations W2SE