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SOTA is an award scheme for radio amateurs that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas.

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New to SOTA?

SOTA has been carefully designed to make participation possible for all Radio Amateurs and Shortwave Listeners - this is not just for mountaineers! There are awards for activators (those who ascend to the summits) and chasers (who either operate from home, a local hilltop or are even Activators on other summits).

See the 'Joining In' section of the website for lots of information, advice, rules, guidelines and our FAQs.

SOTA is fully operational in nearly a hundred countries across the world. Each country has its own Association which defines the recognised SOTA summits within that Association. Each summit earns the activators and chasers a score which is related to the height of the summit. Certificates are available for various scores, leading to the prestigious "Mountain Goat" and "Shack Sloth" trophies. An Honour Roll for Activators and Chasers is maintained at the SOTA online database.

SOTA is designed to be compatible with other mountain users. Please see our environmental statement for details.

Latest SOTA Spots

04:59 K6CPR on W6/CT-123 14.000 ssb
04:49 K6CPR on W6/CT-123 14.000 ssb
03:48 JA3NAP/3 on JA/KT123 7.0080 CW
03:30 JA3NAP/3 on JA/KT-123 7.008 cw
03:09 JA3NAP/3 on JA/KT-123 14.040 CW
03:09 JA3NAP/3 on JA/KT-123 14.040 CW
02:49 JA3NAP/3 on JA/KT-123 7.008 CW
23:31 NK8Q on W3/SV-016 3.536 cw
23:31 NK8Q on W3/SV-016 3.5360 CW
23:20 NK8Q on W3/SV-016 5.373 cw

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