Article by W6BJB on Dec 31 2017 at 18:12

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Agree with K6BOS

It's about a 45 min - 1 hour drive from Ramona to get to the peak.  We used Google Maps and it got us right there (start at Pamo Road heading north).  The road doesn't require 4WD, but you'll definitely need a vehicle that is comfortable going off road like an SUV.  Keep a mental note of the wider spots in the trail because we had to pass several vehicles going the opposite direction on both on our way up and on the way down.

We took several vehicles up to the top and tried using 145.580 to keep in touch, but the "troll" that K6BOS mentions got us.  It seems like the QRN/QRM sweeps up and down the band.  We switched to 432.10 and it worked fine.  Once at the top, it's about a 10 minute walk to the summit.  The summit is clear and large enough to where I set up a SOTA Beams 10M pole, guying kit, and 20-17-15 linked dipole.  The dirt is hard in some places, but you'll be able to find a spot to get the guying stakes into the ground.  There are also a good number of large rocks that can be used as tables for your gear.  I don't remember seeing any tall enough trees that would work well for throwing an antenna over a branch, but you might be able to get something about 10-15 feet in the air.

Contats: ZL on both 20m CW and 15m PSK at 5W (AlexLoop).  KH6 on 20m SSB at 100W and K0 on 20m SSB at 10W using the SOTA Beams linked dipole.  The Diamond whip on an ID-51A and FT1DR worked well for 70cm contacts throughout San Diego county.

Activators: W6BJB, N6PG, WA7ER, and KM6PJA (first QSOs ever).


Overall it's a great peak with awesome views and a short walk and a sporty drive.

-73 de W6BJB