Association: OE - Austria

Association Manager: Sylvia, OE5YYN
The Association commenced on 1st January 2004 and currently has 10 Regions (listed below) and 2143 qualifying summits.

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Code Region Manager Summits
BL Burgenland Martin, OE3VBU 2
KT Kärnten Fred, OE8FNK 272
NO Niederösterreich Martin, OE3VBU 200
OO Oberösterreich Martin, OE5REO 216
SB Salzburg Gilbert, OE2GXL 244
ST Steiermark Franz, OE6WIG 423
TI Tirol Manfred, OE7AAI 599
VB Vorarlberg Herbert, OE9HRV 128
WI Wien Martin, OE1MVA 1
TL Tirol Manfred, OE7AAI 58