Association: VK2 - Australia - NSW

Association Manager: Andrew, VK1DA/VK2UH
The Association commenced on 1st September 2013 and currently has 16 Regions (listed below) and 1218 qualifying summits.

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Code Region Manager Summits
UW Upper Western John, VK2YW 15
SY Sydney Kimberly, VK2KMI 2
SW South West Slopes John, VK2YW 73
ST Southern Tablelands Andrew, VK2UH 53
SM Snowy Mountains Andrew, VK2UH 98
SC South Coast Ian, VK1DI 51
RI Riverina John, VK2YW 56
NW Northwest Slopes and Plains Andrew, VK2UH 188
NR Northern Rivers Scott, VK2AET 43
IL Illawarra Kimberly, VK2KMI 18
HU Hunter Rod, VK2LAX 94
CW Central West Bernard, VK2IB 58
CT Central Tablelands Stephen, VK2RH 102
LW Lower Western John, VK2YW 11
MN Mid North Coast Jack, VK2AXL 216
NT Northern Tablelands Rod, VK2LAX 140