Association: W6 - USA

Association Manager: Rex, KE6MT
The Association commenced on 1st July 2009 and currently has 16 Regions (listed below) and 4284 qualifying summits.

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Code Region Manager Summits
SN Sierra Nevada Jordan, WC6J 49
CT Transverse Ranges Tim, K6TW 276
CN Northern Ranges Ron, W6PZA 27
CD Desert Ranges Rex, KE6MT 20
CC Coastal Ranges Hal, N6JZT 74
WH White Mountains Rex, KE6MT 14
SS Southern Sierra Kevin, W6RIP 650
NW Northwestern Ranges Ron, W6PZA 437
NS Northern Sierra Jordan, WC6J 427
NE Northeastern Ranges Ron, W6PZA 324
IN Inyo Mountains Jamie, N6JFD 54
SD Southern Desert Jerry, KG6HQD 528
NC Northern Coastal Ranges Brian, N6IZ 538
ND Northern Desert Mike, WA6ARA 393
SC Southern Coastal Ranges Michael, KX6A 456
CV Central Valley Alex, KK6ZLY 17