Of course we participate in SOTA for fun, but it is always nice when our efforts are recognised. What better way to record an activator, chaser or SWL milestone than a SOTA award?

Certificates and Trophies

Certificates are available for gaining 100, 250, 500, 1000 points (Activators and Chasers). These handsome certificates are printed in colour and are personally signed by a member of the SOTA Management Team. Each certificate is individually numbered and printed with your own callsign or SWL number. Endorsements such as "All CW" or "VHF" can be added on request at no extra charge. The certificates are posted to you in a board-backed envelope to ensure that they arrive in good condition. For those with boundless energy and enthusiasm there are additional certificates for 2,500, 5,000, and 10,000, and even higher points. 


Shack Sloth and Mountain Goat

At 1,000 points Activators achieve "Mountain Goat" status and Chasers/SWLs are "Shack Sloths". Achieving "Mountain Goat" and "Shack Sloth" status requires considerable dedication and effort and so, trophies can be claimed to mark this significant milestone. Each 9cm x 9cm "Ice block" is made entirely by hand in the Scottish Highlands. Craftsmen create a unique "running scallop" along each edge of the raw glass so each trophy will be unique. The trophy will be individually engraved with your callsign and the year in which you reached 1,000 points. Endorsements like "All CW" or "VHF" can also be engraved for a small additional charge.


SOTA Uniques Awards

The SOTA Uniques is a count of the number of different summits in an activator's, chaser's or SWL's record. It is purely the number of distinct summits activated or chased regardless of SOTA points. The SOTA Online Database keeps track of your progress. Certificates are available for the usual thresholds of 100, 250, 500 and 1000. There being over 100,000 summits in World associations at present, further thresholds of 2500 and 5000 theoretically apply at least! It is felt that this award will extend the challenge particularly for our leading activators and chasers, where point scores are large and well beyond Mountain Goat/ Shack Sloth, but often with less than 200 unique summits. It also addresses something that activator and chasers have been doing since the launch of the programme - counting their unique summits worked and activated. The same awards are available in the SWL section. It is possible to obtain a Shack Sloth Trophy for contacting 1000 Unique Summits; these trophies are identical to the standard SS trophy but have the word "Unique" engraved into the design.

Mountain Explorer and Mountain Hunter Awards

Each award is certificate based using a different format from existing SOTA certificates. These awards recognize that there are now well over 100 SOTA Associations around the world and that many activators take the opportunity presented by the CEPT regulations to take their equipment with them on vacation. This award rewards those activators that operate in associations which are not necessarily their home association. Chasers make every effort to help activators qualify their summit but often they are looking for that unique summit that presents a true challenge to the dedicated chaser and the Mountain Hunter Award has been created for them. In brief the requirements needed to claim an award are as follows:

Mountain Explorer

The essence of the award is to recognise the activation and qualification of Summits, in accordance with SOTA General Rules and the local association's rules, in a number of different associations.

  • Bronze Award – confirmed activation of at least one summit in each of 5 Associations
  • Silver Award – confirmed activation of at least one summit in each of 10 Associations
  • Gold Award – confirmed activation of at least one summit in each of 15 Associations
  • Platinum Award – confirmed activation of at least one summit in each of 20 Associations
  • Globetrotter Award – confirmed activation of at least one summit in every participating association

Example: To claim the Bronze Award an activator would need to have activated one summit in at least five qualifying associations - these could be GM, G, F, DL and ON as an example.

Following the increasing trend for Activators to visit summits when on a foreign vacation or business trip we have decided to introduce a variation of the award which recognises visits to continents other than the Activator’s home continent. The Activator will need to activate in a number of Associations on different continents, including their home continent. The distribution of the number Associations activated over the Continents activated is left to the individual provided at least one Association per continent claimed is activated.

  • Tourist – confirmed activation of at least one summit in each of 5 Associations on at least 2 continents
  • Frequent Traveller – confirmed activation of at least one summit in each of 10 Associations on at least 3 continents
  • Business Class – confirmed activation of at least one summit in each of 15 Associations on at least 4 continents
  • Globetrotter – confirmed activation of at least one summit in each of 20 Associations on at least 5 continents

Example: To claim the Tourist award the Activator could claim one summit in EA8 for Africa and one summit in each of GM, ON, PA and DL for Europe (5 Associations / 2 Continents)

Summary table:

Award Level
No. of Associations  No. of Continents
Bronze 5 Not counted
Silver 10 Not counted
Gold 15 Not counted
Platinum 20 Not counted
Amethyst 50 Not counted
Tourist Minimum 5 2
Frequent Traveller Minimum 10 3
Business Class Minimum 15 4
Globetrotter Minimum 20 5

Mountain Hunter

VHF (70MHz and above) Award

Chaser should contact (or hear for the SWL award) at least 2 different summits in each of 5 associations using just VHF/UHF any mode.

Endorsement for UHF only qualification (430MHz and above) [see note below]

Steps of 5 Associations for each award: 10, 15, 20, etc

Award No. of Associations
Bronze Award 5
Silver Award 10
Gold Award 15
Platinum Award 20+

All bands Award

Chaser should contact (or SWL, hear) at least 2 different summits in each of 5 associations. The higher level awards require that at least one association claimed is on a different continent from the claimant's normal residential QTH. Level 1 can be claimed with contacts only on the claimant's own continent (1 continent); higher level awards require intercontinental contacts.

Endorsement for all 50MHz qualification [see note below]

Steps of 5 Associations for each award: 10 (including 2 continents), 15 (including 2 continents), 20 (and 3 continents), Worked all Associations (all qualifying continents)

Award No. of Associations No. of Continents
Bronze Award 5 1
Silver Award 10 2
Gold Award 15 2
Platinum Award 20+ 3
Worked All Associations ALL 4 or 5

Please note: Limitations to the database structure may require manual checking for the endorsements (UHF / 50MHz) and for the VHF only award.


Summit to Summit Awards

The rules are as follows:

  1. The award will be scored by taking the sum of the points value of the activated summit and the chased summit
  2. The rules for activators will apply to the activated summit score i.e. the summit may be scored only once per calendar year. If subsequent activations take place from the same summit in the calendar year only the chased summit score will count for the award
  3. Only the points value of the activated summit will be counted, summer or winter bonuses will not be included as they are already used for activator awards.
  4. The rules for chasers will apply to the chased summit i.e. the summit may only be counted for the award once per day.
  5. Commencement date 1 February 2013 to allow for modifications to the database to collect the relevant information. S2S prior to this date will not be counted
  6. Only cross-matched entries will count for the award. If an activator does not enter their activation into the database, or your S2S contact does not match then it will not be included in the scoring
  7. The database will be revised so that summit to summit contacts can be indicated
  8. Award qualifying points values are 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000. Additional endorsements will be available for 10000 and upwards.
See the Summit to Summit award page at the shop site for some examples.

Microwave Awards

This award will be achieved by making a contact at least 50 km in distance between two stations, at least one of which must be activating a qualified SOTA summit. The elevation of the summit(s) is not relevant, unlike most awards in the SOTA program. Instead, increasing distances beyond 50 km between the two stations leads to higher level awards within each of these UHF bands: 1.2, 2.3, 3.4, 5.6, 10, 24, 47, 76, 123, 136, & 248 GHz. The distance involved in each single contact is analyzed for potential qualification for higher awards, and distances in two or more contacts cannot be combined to qualify for an award. As indicated in the microwave certificate illustrated in the SOTA shop, higher award intervals are all 50 km (up to 1,000 km). It is not necessary to earn microwave awards in sequence from low to high distances; one may jump to any distance, even working from high to low if desired. Award colors are similar to those used in the Summit to Summit Award, with distances broken-down within each color: red for distances of 50, 100, 150 and 200 km; bronze for 250, 300, 350, 400 & 450 km; silver for 500, 550, 600, 650 & 700 km; gold for 750, 800, 850, 900 & 950 km; platinum for 1,000 km and above.

The provisions in the General Rules apply, with a few more exceptions. There is no seasonal bonus period. There is no SWL microwave award. There are no yearly limits on how often activators and chasers can score, but only one award claim may be made per summit per activating day due to the extensive distance-checking process at the award department. There is no scoring incentive for using more difficult modes. Microwave contacts can be used to support other SOTA awards, including summit to summit (which will be annotated on microwave certificates). For summit to summit microwave contacts, the database calculates the distance. For single activator contacts, one must enter the decimal latitude-longitude coordinates of the chaser in the notes section of the log in this manner: %QTH%37.3765,-121.8012% (leave no spaces). The award manager then calculates the distance manually.

UHF signals can be a bio-hazard, and the operator bears all responsibility for resulting injury. The sponsors of the award, UK Microwave Group & SOTA, bear no responsibility for such injuries.

See the  Microwave award page at the shop site for some examples.

SOTA Complete

The SOTA Complete award is issued in recognition of an individual both Activating AND Chasing a summit. The award commences when an individual has “Completed” 100 summits and is issued in the regular steps of 250, 500 and 1000 unique summits. This may be one of the most difficult of the SOTA awards to achieve and demonstrates the achievement of a significant milestone and the all-round nature of the participant.
For all awards please see also the Awards Pages of the SOTA shop.

Claiming ...

Awards are not sent automatically - you must claim them!


To claim a certificate or Trophy, Activators, Chasers and SWLs should state what award they are claiming for, the date this was achieved and send with a cheque in UK Pounds drawn on a UK bank, made out to "SOTA" to:

B.J. Horning GM4TOE
Cemetery Lodge
Colleonard Road
AB45 1DZ


Alternatively, you can pay online on this page - see below

You can also order trophies and certificates by visiting the SOTA Shop

For applicants outside the UK a bank transfer can be made using the following information;

Account name: Summits on the Air
IBAN: GB80NWBK01054139581004

Please ensure that all transfer fees are paid, otherwise the deduction by the banks for transferring money result in the amount received for the award being less than the cost of the award.

To support your award claim, Activators and Chasers must either:

  • ensure that the SOTA on-line database is up-to-date with your entries; or
  • you must submit a full paper log of your contacts.

All claims will be checked and if not supported by matching logs on the database will be returned for correction.

For SWLs, your log as submitted to Tom, M1EYP must be up to date with entries to support your claim.

All certificates and trophies are provided on a not-for-profit basis by the SOTA Management Team. Any surplus used as a contribution towards SOTA's running costs. Any problems or questions - please click here to contact us.