The Basics

API Root Endpoint

All requests are to be made to:

 Every request to the SOTA API must be authenticated with your Username and an API Key.

How to get an API Key?

If you haven't already got one, please send a request to Jon, G4ZFZ or Andy, MM0FMF who will enable your account to allow key generation. Once your account has been enabled, login to your account and an API section will appear at the bottom of your user account screen.


Every request to SOTA API endpoints must include your Username and an API Key inside the headers.

Header Name Value
x-userKey Your Username, normally your callsign
x-apiKey Your API Key 

You can also authenticate via the URL. For example:[your user key]&apiKey=[your api key]

NOTE: Do not hand out your Key to anyone else and please do not expose it via client-side code, i.e. javascript, etc.


All responses are in JSON, unless XML is requested via the Accept header. For example:

Accept: application/xml