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Date Summit Description Submitted By
25th Aug W0C/SJ-157 Shortest Route up posted in tracks NM5S
25th Aug W0C/SJ-162 Pretty Tough 1-pointer, but very conveniently located NM5S
24th Aug HB/FR-027 Aktivierung 24. August 2019 HB9CRY
24th Aug W1/HA-172 AC1Z Loop hike with Mt. Passaconaway summit AC1Z
24th Aug W1/HA-105 AC1Z-Fifth year activating these summits AC1Z
23rd Aug DM/RP-158 Funken vom Erbeskopf (SOTA DM/RP-158) - Genehmigung erforderlich! DK9JC
23rd Aug KLS/JU-369 Access W1DMH
23rd Aug HB/BE-087 Aktivierung 23. August 2019 HB9CRY
23rd Aug W6/SN-032 15/8 Activation AA6XA
23rd Aug W6/ND-392 16/8 Activation. Pleasant walk. AA6XA
23rd Aug OE/OO-011 Gro├čer Pyhrgas OE5AKM
22nd Aug HB/VS-240 Aktivierung 22. August 2019 HB9CRY
22nd Aug HB/BE-123 Aktivierung 18. April 2019 HB9CRY
21st Aug W3/PW-044 Private Property, No Permission NK8Q
20th Aug ZL1/WL-055 Mt Wainui ZL2ATH
19th Aug W7M/FN-161 Activation Report KF7PXT
18th Aug VE7/CL-025 VHF doable with a tight rx, suggested location VE7EA
18th Aug VE7/FF-017 Access W1DMH
18th Aug W2/GA-008 Activation notes KD2OMV
18th Aug W2/GA-008 Photo KD2OMV
18th Aug W2/GA-008 GPS Track KD2OMV
18th Aug W2/GA-011 Photos KD2OMV
18th Aug W2/GA-011 Activation Notes KD2OMV
18th Aug HB/GR-049 Aktivierung 18. August 2019 HB9CRY
18th Aug W2/GA-011 Seymour and Seward Activation GPS Tracks same day KD2OMV
18th Aug OE/OO-408 Hochbrand OE5AKM
18th Aug W6/SD-468 Updated route NA6MG
17th Aug VE6/BK-070 Interesting but long continental divide option VE6AGR
17th Aug HB/GR-114 Aktivierung 17. August 2019 HB9CRY
17th Aug OE/OO-391 GPS-Track und Wegbeschreibung OE5REO
16th Aug VE6/BK-072 Easiest Crowsnest 4-Pointer VE6AGR
16th Aug VE6/BK-069 Another Crowsnest Gem VE6AGR
16th Aug HB/GR-129 Aktivierung 16. August 2019 HB9CRY
16th Aug I/FV-083 S57MS activation 10.08.2019 S57MS
16th Aug JA/NN-037 Mt. Shimagareyama JH0CJH
16th Aug JA/NN-032 Mt. Kitayokodake JH0CJH
16th Aug JA/NN-031 Mt. Tateshinayama JH0CJH
16th Aug JA/NN-076 Mt. Kurumayama JH0CJH
16th Aug W0N/PH-005 Consider Hiking This One AC7P
15th Aug VE7/CL-022 Success on Mount Maguire by VA7NX July 2019 from pnwsota K7ATN
15th Aug VE7/CL-022 Success on Mount Maguire by VA7NX July 2019 from pnwsota K7ATN
14th Aug LX/LX-004 SOTA Tour 13 aug 2019. PA9CW
14th Aug LX/LX-002 SOTA Tour 13 aug 2019. PA9CW
14th Aug ON/ON-017 SOTA Tour 13 aug 2019. PA9CW
14th Aug ON/ON-021 SOTA Tour 13 aug 2019. PA9CW
14th Aug ON/ON-029 SOTA Tour 13 aug 2019. PA9CW
14th Aug W4G/HC-019 Trail is now closed to the public N1RBD
14th Aug W3/PO-026 Not Avaiable for SOTA Use W3MJM
14th Aug W3/PO-020 Not Avaiable for SOTA USE W3MJM
14th Aug W3/PO-005 Not Open For SOTA Use W3MJM