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Date Summit Description Submitted By
17th Feb W1/GM-246 Access W1DMH
17th Feb W1/GM-207 Access W1DMH
17th Feb LA/HM-217 Austri Vind - Raskiftet vindkraftverk, Trysil/Åmot, Hedmark LA9DSA
17th Feb LA/HM-217 Raskiftet besøkssenter LA9DSA
17th Feb LA/HM-217 Kun kart skiløyper og sikkerhetsavstander LA9DSA
17th Feb LA/HM-217 Beskrivelse av vindmøllepark, skiløypekart og kart over sikkerhetsavstand (370m) LA9DSA
17th Feb DL/AL-179 Activation is the deep snow Friday 15th February 2019. DD5LP
17th Feb OE/OO-380 Hieselberg OE5AKM
16th Feb W7A/MS-065 AC1Z -Rocky summit with not much room AC1Z
16th Feb W7A/MN-138 AC1Z - February 8, 2019 AC1Z
15th Feb DM/NS-110 QRV on 23cm with the help of my brother DL1CR
15th Feb OE/OO-303 Breitenstein OE5AKM
15th Feb W4C/CM-053 Access W4RRJ
14th Feb W7I/SR-135 Peak 5580, ID | JAN 2018 K7MK
13th Feb W7W/RS-030 PNWSOTA: Winter Trip to Bearhead report... WA7FPV
13th Feb W4A/VR-004 Route and Access Update KJ4M
12th Feb G/SE-004 updated website for Hampshire CC G6PJZ
12th Feb HB/BE-151 GaiaPro trail to Selibuel (~2 miles R/T and 350 ft ascent) W6PNG
12th Feb HB/BE-151 Easy snow shoe activation W6PNG
12th Feb W7A/CS-066 AC1Z Two summits in a day AC1Z
12th Feb W7A/CS-045 AC1Z Two summits in a day. AC1Z
12th Feb W7A/CN-019 AC1Z-Nice easy hike! AC1Z
12th Feb W7W/CH-204 PNWSOTA: Winter Activation of Nason Ridge WA7FPV
11th Feb W7A/MN-131 AC1Z - Another easy hike with great views and summit. AC1Z
11th Feb OK/ST-084 Ladvi by Public Transport G0TVB
11th Feb W7N/CK-071 Challenging 2-poiner KG5AUU
11th Feb W7N/CK-038 Unique Ascent KG5AUU
11th Feb W7N/CK-041 Moderate Challenge, excellent views KG5AUU
10th Feb DL/MF-053 Activation Report 2019-02-10 on Skis DK3IT
9th Feb W7N/CK-023 Nutcracker KG5AUU
9th Feb W4T/SU-068 DO NOT to use “Google Maps” it will not get you there! W1PTS
8th Feb DL/MF-050 Activation Report: On Skis in Winter DK3IT
8th Feb OE/NO-320 Buchenberg OE5AKM
8th Feb W8V/EP-004 Private property to west - did not access AI4SV
7th Feb W4C/CM-158 Summit Access for W4C/CM-158 - Nofat Mountain K2JB
6th Feb W7W/WE-060 Access & RF WX7EMT
6th Feb OE/NO-321 Hengstberg OE5AKM
4th Feb W4C/CM-034 Access and Summit Information W4RRJ
4th Feb W8O/CT-001 Limited Weekend Access WC0Y
4th Feb G/DC-008 G4OBK Blog Hensbarrow 2019 G4OBK
3rd Feb W4C/US-026 GPS Tracks KI4SVM
3rd Feb W4C/US-026 Nine Times Forest Preserve website (w trailmap) KI4SVM
3rd Feb W4C/US-026 Access and Trail Info KI4SVM
3rd Feb W4G/NG-015 Oakey Mtn via trail to ridgeline KI4SVM
3rd Feb W4C/CM-094 Cat Gap Loop with Cedar Rock Mtn and Chestnut Knob KI4SVM
3rd Feb W4C/CM-081 Cat Gap Loop with Cedar Rock Mtn and Chestnut Knob KI4SVM
3rd Feb W7W/KG-137 Private property N0PBR
1st Feb OE/OO-432 Schweizersberg OE5AKM
30th Jan W7A/CS-029 AC1Z - Cedar Mountain 1-29-2019 AC1Z
30th Jan W7A/CS-054 AC1Z - Easy hike 1-29-19 AC1Z