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Date Summit Description Submitted By
19th Apr W5O/WI-030 Signal Mountain is in the OFF LIMITS area of the Ft Sill Range N1OIE
19th Apr HB/VD-033 Activation 19 April 2019 HB9CRY
19th Apr HB/GR-042 First Activation on April 18, 2019 DK3IT
19th Apr W7W/KG-143 Drive to the summit, hike down to the beach! KE6MT
19th Apr VE7/CL-010 Quickest access is via Munns Rd. VE7EA
18th Apr VE7/CL-019 Not clear if private property or not... VE7EA
18th Apr EI/IE-015 New Year on Carlingford Mountain EI8HIB
18th Apr HB/BE-123 Activation 18 April 2019 HB9CRY
18th Apr OE/OO-406 GeiƟstein OE5AKM
17th Apr VK7/WC-002 Frenchmans Cap, April 2019 (SOTA) VK7NTK
17th Apr VK8/UL-043 Uluru MM0FMF
17th Apr HB/VS-118 HB/VS-118 10th April 2019 G0MFR
17th Apr W6/NS-092 Nice to do when there's snow KE6MT
16th Apr W4V/AB-034 Easy Access WX4TW
16th Apr DM/NW-135 Activation on 23cm DL1CR
16th Apr DM/NW-250 Best place for VHF/UHF but nothing to fix the yagi DL1CR
16th Apr DM/NW-250 Fine place for HF activation DL1CR
16th Apr OE/OO-372 GPS-Track und Wegbeschreibung OE5REO
15th Apr W7A/CO-064 Activating Peak 6513, W7A/CO-064 K6HPX
15th Apr EI/IE-022 Very Busy Summit EI8HIB
15th Apr VK2/NW-001 VK2/NW-001 Kaputar Mtn, April-2019 VK2NU
15th Apr VK2/NW-097 VK2/NW-097 Flagstaff Mountain - April 2019 VK2NU
14th Apr W5T/NT-037 Pleasant Hike and SOTA Summit K0NR
14th Apr EA6/MA-081 EA6LU Puig de Zaragoza 2019 EA6LU
14th Apr W2/GC-105 AC1Z-Giant Ledge to Panther Summit April 11, 2019 AC1Z
14th Apr W2/GA-175 Trailhead Location 43.3738, -73.9505 N2MC
14th Apr W2/GC-115 AC1Z-Easy hike in the Catskills AC1Z
14th Apr HB/LU-013 Activation 13 April 2019 HB9CRY
14th Apr HB/BE-157 Activation 13 April 2019 HB9CRY
14th Apr HB/BE-174 Activation 13 April 2019 HB9CRY
14th Apr W2/GA-175 Activation of W2/GA-175 otherwise known as Hadley Mt N2MC
13th Apr W0M/SF-010 Access info as of 2019 K9IR
13th Apr W0M/SF-008 Access Info as of 2019 K9IR
13th Apr VK2/NW-020 VK2/NW-020, Mount Yulludunida, 11th April-2019 VK2NU
13th Apr VK2/MN-135 VK2/MN-135 Woko National Park VK2NU
13th Apr VK2/CW-003 VK2/CW-003, Mount Woorut, 09th April-2019 VK2NU
13th Apr VK2/CW-017 VK2/CW-017 Belougery Split Rock, April-2019 VK2NU
13th Apr ZL3/CB-726 Mt Sinclair - avoiding the speargrass ZL3GA
12th Apr W6/NC-209 A muddy hike up to the Summit VE3IPS
12th Apr W4V/SH-007 A bit more than a drive-up AI4SV
12th Apr W4V/SH-009 Great views of the valley AI4SV
12th Apr W4V/SH-016 Park and climb AI4SV
12th Apr W4V/SH-028 Inaccessible; private property AI4SV
12th Apr W4V/SH-027 No problem just a bit to side of government site AI4SV
12th Apr W7I/ER-096 North Junipers accessible off Grassy Ridge Road W7TOR
12th Apr W7I/ER-097 South Juniper not accessible to general public W7TOR
12th Apr W4T/SU-044 04/10/2019 Activation Photos W4RRJ
12th Apr W4T/SU-044 04/10/2019 Summit Access and Activation W4RRJ
12th Apr VK2/CW-045 Restricted access VK2NU
12th Apr VK2/CW-015 Restricted Access VK2NU