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Date Summit Description Submitted By
21st Mar W7O/CE-202 PNWSOTA: Taylor Butte, OR | March 2018 KF7PSC
20th Mar W7O/NC-034 Private Timberland K7EEX
20th Mar 9A/DH-056 Photo 9A6CW
20th Mar W9/WI-004 Winter activation report N0MAP
20th Mar W9/WI-003 Winter activation report N0MAP
20th Mar W9/WI-001 Winter activation report N0MAP
20th Mar W6/SD-065 Monument Mountain JTNP NA6MG
20th Mar W6/SD-405 N. Indio BM NA6MG
19th Mar W5O/KI-001 Definitely 4WD Terrain NQ5M
18th Mar W9/WI-024 Easy access and beautiful drive K9IR
18th Mar W9/WI-006 Alternative route to summit K9IR
18th Mar W9/WI-007 Map of alternative route to summit K9IR
18th Mar W9/WI-007 Alternative shorter route K9IR
18th Mar EA6/MA-069 EA6KB Cumbre EA6/MA-069 EA6KB
17th Mar I/CA-060 Restricted Access to Summit VK3BCM
17th Mar DL/AM-178 Activation on March 15th. 2018. DD5LP
16th Mar W7U/IR-054 Lone butte out in the flats AC0PR
16th Mar W8V/EP-002 Access W1DMH
16th Mar W3/WE-005 Access W1DMH
16th Mar G/LD-046 Mark M0NOM & Nigel 2E0TUE Activation Report M6VMS
16th Mar W3/SV-027 Two other Access Routes NK8Q
15th Mar DL/AM-178 Summit known locally (and on maps) as Schnalz - Ammerleite is the area, not the summit itself. DD5LP
15th Mar DL/AM-178 FYI: Known locallay and shown on maps as Schnalz or Schnalzgipfel Ammerleite is the area. DD5LP
14th Mar W4V/SH-037 Access W1DMH
14th Mar VK2/IL-002 Access VK2HRX
13th Mar W3/PW-024 Access by NK8Q NK8Q
13th Mar W3/PW-029 Access by NK8Q NK8Q
12th Mar W7I/SR-130 Peak 5740, ID | March 2018 K7MK
12th Mar W7I/SR-138 Peak 5505, ID | March 2018 K7MK
12th Mar W7I/SR-138 GPX Track - SOTAMAPS K7MK
12th Mar W7I/SR-130 GPX Track - SOTAMAPS K7MK
12th Mar W6/CT-103 Epic Hike, Dueling KX2s during 20m DX Contest, great trail adventure (VIDEO) KG6HQD
11th Mar W5O/OU-010 Correct Location Coordinates W5ODS
11th Mar W7W/LC-165 Mt. Solo, WA | Posted No Trespassing - from PNWSOTA K7ATN
11th Mar DL/AM-176 March 10th. 2018. Actication of Rentschen for VK-EU S2S event. DD5LP
11th Mar W4G/HC-004 Summit Guide WG4I
11th Mar W4G/HC-004 Photos WG4I
10th Mar W7U/WS-050 Hard ATV trail up, awesome views AC0PR
10th Mar OE/TI-104 Activation Report of Winter Activation on Skis DK3IT
10th Mar W4C/EM-007 KI4AAU report KI4AAU
9th Mar W5O/KI-014 Correct Location Coordinates W5ODS
9th Mar W2/GA-059 Summit is Trailed, Former fire tower site N3TWM
9th Mar W6/ND-315 Alvord Peak NA6MG
8th Mar OE/TI-095 Activation Report by DK3IT DK3IT
8th Mar W1/MB-014 Access. W1DMH
8th Mar W5O/QA-007 Summit Data Correction W5ODS
8th Mar W5O/KI-027 Summit Location Correction W5ODS
8th Mar W2/GA-020 Private Land, Elk Lake Lodge Guests Only N3TWM
8th Mar W2/GA-037 Old Fire Tower Trail makes for semi-bushwack N3TWM
8th Mar W2/GA-425 Trail to Summit N3TWM