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Date Summit Description Submitted By
16th Jun OE/OO-433 GPS-Track und Wegbeschreibung OE5REO
16th Jun W3/SV-002 Gate Open but Posted NK8Q
16th Jun HB/BE-104 Aktivierung 16. Juni 2019 HB9CRY
16th Jun GI/CA-002 Return to Camlough Mountain EI8HIB
15th Jun TK/TK-116 SOTA @ TK/TK-116 (Mt. Grofiglieta, Corsica) HB9RYV
15th Jun HB/OW-025 Aktivierung 15. Juni 2019 HB9CRY
15th Jun OE/SB-454 Track OE9TKH
15th Jun W7W/SN-177 Highwire, WA | June 2019 (from WA7JNJ
14th Jun OE/OO-240 Karleck OE5AKM
14th Jun HB/BE-112 Aktivierung 13. Juni 2019 HB9CRY
14th Jun Z3/EM-006 Activation Report 2013 HB9TVK
13th Jun W7U/BE-056 Antennas at top AC0PR
13th Jun W7W/SO-036 Summit Attempt, 2019/05/27 K7AHR
13th Jun W7O/CN-034 Linney Butte activation June 2, 2019 K7AHR
13th Jun W0C/SP-107 This is a good add-on summit if you are in the area K0NR
12th Jun W6/NC-008 Honey Bear near Big Signal AA0BV
12th Jun F/MC-256 Le Pet du Loup, FR | May 2019 K7ATN
12th Jun F/MC-256 Le Pet du Loup, FR | May 2019 K7ATN
11th Jun LX/LX-003 LX/LX-003 activation 9-Jun-2019 PE1EEC
11th Jun OE/OO-271 Gaisberg OE5AKM
10th Jun VE4/MP-001 Access W1DMH
10th Jun W0D/BB-112 KT0A Access description KT0A
10th Jun W4T/CA-053 Summit Access for W4T/CA-053, Heckler Knob K2JB
9th Jun ON/ON-029 28/5 Activation AA6XA
9th Jun PA/PA-003 28/5 Activation AA6XA
9th Jun ON/ON-026 28/5 Activation AA6XA
9th Jun ON/ON-001 28/5 Activation AA6XA
9th Jun LA/HM-252 Hetta vs Tyskebergshetta LA9DSA
9th Jun LA/HM-252 Naturverdier for lokalitet Tyskeberget, registrert i forbindelse med prosjekt Frivilligvern 2015 LA9DSA
9th Jun LA/HM-252 Kjøre og turbeskrivelse fra LA9DSA
9th Jun LA/HM-147 En bjørn felt i 2012 LA9DSA
9th Jun LA/HM-147 To bjørner felt i 2009 LA9DSA
9th Jun LA/HM-147 Kjøreanvisning + Tre bjørner felt i området (2009 og 2012) LA9DSA
9th Jun W3/PW-003 No longer accessible N2GDS
9th Jun OE/OO-385 GPS-Track und Wegbeschreibung OE5REO
9th Jun W3/PW-017 Easy Access NK8Q
9th Jun W3/PW-012 First Time Activation NK8Q
9th Jun Z3/EM-006 military base DL8DBW
9th Jun HB/NW-015 Aktivierung 9. Juni 2019 HB9CRY
8th Jun ON/ON-025 28/5 Activation AA6XA
8th Jun OE/OO-340 Tamberg OE5AKM
8th Jun HB/SG-033 Aktivierung 8. Juni 2019 HB9CRY
8th Jun DL/AM-060 Interference on 70cm-Band DF3MC
7th Jun ON/ON-024 27/5 Activation. Nice hike up. AA6XA
7th Jun ON/ON-009 27/5 Activation AA6XA
7th Jun W4C/EM-027 06/04/2019 Activation Photos W4RRJ
7th Jun W4C/EM-027 06/04/2019 Summit Access W4RRJ
7th Jun W7W/SN-183 Bald Hill, WA (near Monroe) | March 2019 (from WA7JNJ
6th Jun DM/RP-003 27/5 Activation AA6XA
6th Jun LX/LX-001 27/5 Activation AA6XA